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In April 2018 we visited CyberCentral ( in Prague, a very informal dedicated cybersecurity conference in Europe. CyberCentral is a small cybersecurity conference in a two-day setting where everybody gets to know each other, and which is focused on exchanging ideas and stimulates that everybody gets real interaction with all other participants.

Some of CyberCentral’s topics from this year’s event were:

  • An insight from previous fraudsters how criminals think and how easy it is to hack passwords and credit cards or on how to convince normal people with a professionally faked account into trusting the fraudster.
  • GPDR, how will it affect everyone’s life or not? Will this new guidance really be in place end of May or do we continue in the beginning without taking all measures into account;
  • Blockchain security, how secure is it also when looking at the infrastructure it’s using and how can blockchain help in combatting fraud;
  • How easy it is to hack passwords, IoT devices, etc., showing us that testing products for security is really needed in today’s world.

For sezame it was especially interesting since we got the opportunity to present our product on main stage and next to that get some great feedback by the panel and the audience hearing our story. This will enhance further our story to make it even better addressable and understandable. Thanks CyberCentral for having us!

Sezame, the solution which will help the world from the nuisance that passwords and PINs pose to all our life’s today and makes this world safer!

Sezame visiting HIMMS’18

In March 2018 we visited HIMMS in Las Vegas. HIMMS is the largest IT for Health exhibition worldwide and means Health Information Management Systems Society. Why did we visit HIMMS as our first visit to a healthcare exhibition? To put it bluntly the reason was that within the European healthcare sector the policies and decisions for healthcare are mostly done by the government which don’t take into account startups and thus it’s difficult in Europe to enter this domain easily. Next to that we think our solution is very well capable of supporting the healthcare sector since we are compliant to the European GPDR and eIDAS standards and our solution is simple and secure to use. Only in the US, Americans spend annually 3.4 trillion dollars on health ( which gives a picture how big this market is for IT.

What did we see at HIMMS, what were the largest takeaways?

  1. Healthcare is now primed for a digital transformation. Thanks to the $35 billion invested in putting electronic healthcare records in every hospital and doctor’s office, most healthcare providers are now computerized. With the EHR basics in place much more money will be spent in coming years. Also, Jared Kushner explained at HIMMS that The White House is fully focused on achieving interoperability of healthcare records;
  2. Enterprises are recognizing the safety, efficiency, and storage capacity of the cloud. From Amazon’s AWS to IBM’s Watson, virtually all 1300 vendors exhibiting at the show were promoting their cloud solutions;
  3. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Augmented Reality aren’t just coming: they are already here;
  4. Apple, Amazon and Uber entering the healthcare field captured everyone’s attention with the hope of a new casino game that is a guaranteed winner. Each of them represents an area — group purchasing via Amazon, employee clinics by Apple and transportation via Uber — that is currently covered in some form or fashion. It’s not that these companies will turn the sector around instantly, but it did create a buzz which the old-fashioned companies need to start innovating.

Especially the first two take-aways are interesting to us. In the US the majority of interactions in the healthcare system is based on 1-factor authentication solutions or even no additional checks (in case of the usage of hospital badges e.g.). We also noticed that biometric authentication was not yet mainstream in healthcare solutions.

Our solution can be used within the healthcare domain on various use cases for e.g. logging into online accounts (with our solution there’s no risk of fraud, since only the account holder can log into the account), logging into a computer (no password needed anymore), logging into subdirectories / files with biometric authentication, validation of a customer on the other end of the phone line via remote biometric validation, unlocking electronic key lockers, or even linking a healthcare badge when walking through e.g. a hospital. As long as a smartphone can be carried along through the healthcare facility and the requester for the authentication is connected our solution works… simple and very secure!

Help us spread the word and free the world of the nuisance that passwords and PINs pose to all our lifes today and let’s make this world safer – especially in the healthcare environment!

Dear friends of sezame,

Helping the world getting rid of all passwords through remote biometric authentication got a step closer! 2017 has been a successful and busy year for us. Some highlights: we have been able to integrate the sezame technology into the first B2B and B2C environments, we got invited on a number of world renowned conferences and we worked a lot on developing new products. Time to give you all an exciting update what we did and what’s coming in the next couple of months!

“This solution convinced us, it is easy to use, but at the same time it offers our users optimum safety” (Christian Pfundner CIO Schrack Technik)


Next to stabilizing and improving our core B2B product we developed our first end-consumer (B2C) service which has been launched in January and can be obtained through an in-app purchase in our renewed sezame app. We are very proud to present a biometric vault called SAFE, in which you can safely store all your private and confidential information. It doesn’t matter where you install it, on a USB stick, somewhere on a hard drive or in the cloud, our solution makes it possible to safeguard your information by remote biometric authentication. It’s available through an annual subscription in the app store for 9,99 €, but as an introduction to our new product SAFE we changed our regular 3-month grace period to a 12-month grace period. So please download our sezame app for free and start using SAFE. If you like it also tell your colleagues, friends, about our product so they can use the same offer as well. This special introduction offer is valid until 28 February 2018. You can install SAFE on as many devices as you own. For more information please visit


Our product fits any company since replacing passwords with our solution will relief the IT helpdesk from a number of tickets and next to that you will benefit from minimized costs in comparison to other solutions. Sezame will visit a large number of different conferences to get different sectors acquainted to our product. To name a few where we will be present before the summer of 2018. Please contact us to visit us there and get a personal product demo.

Mobile: Mobile World Congress, 26 February – 28 February, Barcelona, Spain

Healthcare: HIMMS, 5 March – 9 March, Las Vegas, USA

Interactive, Film and Music: SXSW (South by SouthWest), 9 March – 18 March, Austin, USA

Fintech: MoneyConf, 11 June – 13 June, Dublin, Ireland

Internet of Things (IoT): IoT World Europe, 12 June – 14 June, London, UK


If you wish to receive further information please contact us by phone or mail:


Phone: +43 670 2044272

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Thank you

The sezame team