In April 2018 we visited CyberCentral (https://cybercentral.eu/) in Prague, a very informal dedicated cybersecurity conference in Europe. CyberCentral is a small cybersecurity conference in a two-day setting where everybody gets to know each other, and which is focused on exchanging ideas and stimulates that everybody gets real interaction with all other participants.

Some of CyberCentral’s topics from this year’s event were:

  • An insight from previous fraudsters how criminals think and how easy it is to hack passwords and credit cards or on how to convince normal people with a professionally faked account into trusting the fraudster.
  • GPDR, how will it affect everyone’s life or not? Will this new guidance really be in place end of May or do we continue in the beginning without taking all measures into account;
  • Blockchain security, how secure is it also when looking at the infrastructure it’s using and how can blockchain help in combatting fraud;
  • How easy it is to hack passwords, IoT devices, etc., showing us that testing products for security is really needed in today’s world.

For sezame it was especially interesting since we got the opportunity to present our product on main stage and next to that get some great feedback by the panel and the audience hearing our story. This will enhance further our story to make it even better addressable and understandable. Thanks CyberCentral for having us!

Sezame, the solution which will help the world from the nuisance that passwords and PINs pose to all our life’s today and makes this world safer!