Sezame LOGIN protects your PC from unauthorized access. You will never have to change your password again, your biometric ID (fingerprint or face recognition) will unlock your computer in the future. Your regular login will continue to be available, but you will receive a sezame-Security-Message (configurable fraud-alert) if someone logs on to your computer with a password. Your biometric ID will NEVER be stored by sezame, it will always remain on your smartphone. From now on, your password can never be stolen or lost again. Simple – sezame! Sezame LOGIN is free for customers. No matter whether you use your computer for private or professional purposes. For companies there is a business solution available, please contact us at

Supported operating systems: WIN 10 and Mac OS 10.11 – 10.14 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave) – (Mac OS 10.15 Catalina is in development and NOT YET supported – if you are upgrading to Catalina make sure you UNINSTALL LOGIN first! If you already have Catalina please do NOT install LOGIN!)

Requirements: Your smartphone needs to support fingerprint or face recognition authentication and you have to install the sezame app on your phone. 

Download LOGIN Client

For Windows 10

For Mac OS 10.11 – 10.14

Read our step-by-step installation guide to activate LOGIN on your computer. For any further questions or if you are facing difficulties during installation please visit our FAQ section or send us your feedback.

There are only 3 simple steps to activate sezame LOGIN to your computer

After successful pairing your sezame LOGIN is activated. From now on you can easily log in on your PC / laptop with your username and your fingerprint or face recognition via the sezame app on your smartphone.

LOGIN with sezame


  Scan the QR code with you mobile and get the sezame app for your smartphone for free.
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Step-by-Step Installation Instructions for LOGIN

1. Download the sezame app to your smartphone

If you do not have the sezame app on your smartphone already, please download it from your app store. You will need the app to unlock your PC with your fingerprint or face recognition.

2. Download the program (MAC or PC)

Safe the program to your computer. It will likely be stored in your download folder – but this is depending on your browser settings. If you cannot find the downloaded file, please search for LOGIN or download it again.

3. Open the LOGIN Setup Wizard

Handle the security warning, if it appears: Click the “YES” button to continue with the installation

You need to confirm the installation with your Admin password. For security reasons the Admin password is needed to activate such a sentitive secure LOGIN service.

4. Follow the steps of the setup wizard

The LOGIN setup wizard starts automatically.

Accept the license agreement and click “Next”

Click the “Finish” button to complete installation

5. Configure your LOGIN

Open the LOGIN configuration program (LOGINconfiguration) – you will find it in “Programs” on your computer.

Here you can set the the timeout period and disable the FRAUD ALERT (informs you on any conventional login with passwords). You can change the settings anytime by entering the LOGIN configuration, too.

Click on “PAIR” to proceed

Confirm with your current password and you are logged in at the moment. The password is only needed for authorization and will not be stored by sezame.

Click on “NEXT” if you have the sezame app, already.

If you need to download the sezame app to your smartphone first, press the button “I do not have the sezame app yet” and follow the instructions for installation and registration of the sezame app on your smartphone. For detailed instruction on installation and registration of the sezame app visit our FAQ section. Your smartphone needs to support fingerprint or face recognition authentication.

6. Pair LOGIN with your sezame app

Take your smartphone, open the sezame app and click on “Add Service”.

The QR-code reader opens and you can scan the QR code shown in the wizard.

Once the sezame app recognizes the QR-code, your pairing was successful and your LOGIN is activated.

Press the “OK” button and the wizard will close.

From now on can login to your computer using the “sezame” button. The sezame app on your smartphone will instantly show you the LOGIN authentication message which you just have to confirm with your fingerprint or face recognition. 

Attention: Please enable push notifications on your smartphone for the best user experience.

By following these simple guidelines, you can make best use of our solution 
1.    After clicking the sezame LOGIN button on your PC you will receive a pop-up message (if you enabled it) on your smartphone screen. If you didn’t enable the notification message for the sezame app the actual authentication request is directly in the sezame app itself.
2.    Our solution only works if both of the devices, your PC/Laptop on the one hand and your smartphone on the other, have internet connectivity.
3.    If the notification is not received on the smartphone, it could be that your smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network which requires you to accept usage terms etc. before using it, so preferably use our solution on your smartphone in combination with a mobile network.
4.    Try to keep the missed notifications window on our home screen clean (there might be missed authentications listed there). First check which authentications you missed (could be password logins that were detected) before starting to accept new authentications!

That’s all. Simple and Secure. Sezame!