Sezame SAFE secures your data on USB sticks, external hard drives or on your cloud drives. Just download the SAFE client to your MAC or PC and pair it with your sezame app on your smartphone. All data you add to your SAFE will be automatically encrypted and protected by biometric authentication on your smartphone.

Supported operating systems: WIN 8, WIN 10 and Mac OS 10.12 – 10.14 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Requirements: Your smartphone needs to support fingerprint or face recognition authentication and you have to install the sezame app on your phone.

Read our step-by-step installation guide to instal SAFE on your drives. For any further questions or if you are facing difficulties during installation please visit our FAQ section or send us your feedback.

Download SAFE Client

For Windows (8, 10)

For Mac (OS 10.12 – 10.14)






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  Scan the QR code with you mobile and get the sezame app for your smartphone for free.

Step-by-Step Installation Instructions for SAFE

1. Download the sezame app for your smartphone

If you do not have the sezame app on your smartphone already, please download it from your app store. You will need the app to open your SAFE with your fingerprint or face recognition.

2. Download the program (MAC or PC)

Safe the program (.zip for WIN or .pkg for MAC) to your computer. It will likely be stored in your download folder – but this is depending on your browser settings. If you cannot find the downloaded file, please search for SAFE or download it again.

3a. Install SAFE to your WIN computer

Extract the file to any location and click the sezameSAFE.exe icon. 

Open the .zip file

Extract the file

Open the .exe file

3b. Install SAFE to your MAC

Click on the sezameSAFE.pkg file and the wizard will open. Please follow the instructions.

NOTE: do NOT CHANGE THE LOCATION – you can move your SAFE after the installation to any destination!

Click on the .pkg file to start installation and click “Continue”

Click on “Install” to start installation of SAFE

Click on “Close” to finish the installation

4. Pair your SAFe with your smartphone (WIN and MAC)

Click on the sezameSAFE icon and a setup wizard will start.

Give your SAFE a unique name. If you do not have the sezame app yet, please download it now from your app store. MAC users are asked if they want to download a windows version as well.

Pair your SAFE with your sezame app on your smartphone. Please open the app and click on “AD SERVICE” on the home screen. A QR code reader will open and you can scan the QR code shown on your computer.

After successfully paring your SAFE is being created and ready to use.

5. Move your SAFE to your dedicated locations (hard disk, USB drive or cloud)

Once your SAFE has been created, you can move it to any location you want. 

Just move the sezame SAFE folder to your intended location – That’s all. Simple and Secure. Sezame!

6. How to open your SAFE

No matter on which location your SAFE is placed, you just click on the SAFE icon and your paired smartphone will get an instant notification. Just open the message and confirm with your fingerprint or face recognition.

In that moment your SAFE will open and you can access all files in the file browser.

Attention: Please enable push notifications on your smartphone for the best user experience.