With sezame you can enter every website and service, from any device – without typing in your password. Your fingerprint or face recognition is all you need in future.

No password that can be stolen. Any fraudulent login attempt is being reported in real-time to your phone. And sezame never stores any or your personal or biometric data.


So sezame stores my fingerprints? Or if not, where is my biometric data stored?

We realize biometrics is a very worrying subject. Your passwords might get stolen, a very inconvenient thing to happen (if you ever had one stolen and then used, you know the feeling), but there is an upside (if you want to look at it from a positive perspective) – you can set a new password on all accounts you used it and you are ‘safe’ again. But with your biometrics, there is no such thing as changing them in case of theft – they will stick, no reset possible.


Enter Simplicity!

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App available

Our App is ready for Download on the Google playstore and Apple iTunes.


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Unlike password-based solutions that require you to remember just another PIN or password, sezame is a secure and simple multi-factor authentication solution. You only need the username and your fingerprint or face recognition on your smartphone to log into any sezame-enabled site.

Magic – Sezame – ENTER SIMPLICITY!


All your authentications are encrypted end-to-end. We also provide active fraud protection in sending you an alert whenever one of your logins is used successfully without sezame. This means you are proactively informed in real time if one of your accounts is compromised or hacked and are able to react immediately.


Your most personal device guarantees that no one can access your account and personal data – security with just one fingertip or face recognition!

Every time you login on a website you are prompted to confirm with your fingerprint or face recognition in the sezame app – no matter on which device you like to login to the website or service.

Just enter your username and press on “login with sezame” – your fingertip or face recognition is the only password you will need so far. 




Only the latest and highly-secure smartphones with fingerprint or face recognition authentication technology are allowed for maximum user and transaction security


View Login or transaction details pushed to your phone for one-tap approval with your fingerprint/face recognition or deny with one tap

Support for iPhone and Android platforms


Simple self-service install and activation of the sezame app

Web Service Integration REST web SDK


  • Easily integrate into any web application

  • Web Service Integration REST web SDK
  • Strong SSL encryption provides mutual authentication and privacy of all authentication transactions

Real-Time Fraud Alerts


Fraudulent login attempts to any sezame enabled account will be reported to your smartphone

Transaction history


Full history trail of all previous authentication attempts



As a vendor-independent and service-agnostic system, sezame never handles your passwords or collects any personally identifying or biometric information

Rock-Solid Reliability


sezame’s scalable, high-availability service is balanced across multiple geographic regions, independent service providers and various power grids.


Our Mission: Secure & simple

sezame provides you with a new way of secure logins to all your existing password protected accounts (as soon as trust is enabled) by leveraging your mobile phone for primary authentication where possible (lower security needs) and for secondary (multi-factor) authentication where necessary (higher security needs).

sezame’s patent-pending technology requires virtually no end-user configuration and no hardware installation at the trust partners’ site: just a smartphone with the sezame app (available in your favorite app store for FREE) plus a little piece of software (provided to trusted partners via our powerful web APIs/web SDK). Easily unleash your smartphone and together we can free millions of users from the sheer endless maze of passwords they have to remember.



sezame allows the end-user to easily enable login verification to his favorite password-secured websites, cloud-enabled storages or applications and thousands of other possible use cases via his smartphone fingerprint authentication or to allow added transaction verification (for example financial transactions on the Internet) to any of his trusted websites.